April 2019 Post (II)

Posted by on May 27, 2019

Waruna has engaged with senate of BP3IP to deliver their event for English Committee. The event which tittled as ‘Solutions to Increase The English Ability for Seafarers in Facing The Industrial Revolution 4.0’, delivered on 30th April 2019 at Sunlake Hotel, Sunter, aimed to socialize Waruna brand to the seafarers, also introduced our concern about education and people development. This corporate branding program went successfully with the great collaboration with HC, Operation of Waruna and the BP3IP Committee.

Mr. Rajasegar Raju (Mr. Raj), as our Deputy GM Tanker, contributed as spectacular guess speaker which shared and bring a wider mindset of being seafarer in this era. Not only the qualification of English itself but also the good character needs to be promoted for competing and winning. Prior to the guess speaker, there were also the Director and Chief Senate of BP3Ip also gave speach and share their big support to this event. Capt Herwan Kurniawan, as Waruna Crew Development Manager, promoted Waruna’s offering benefit as a good content to be known by the participants.

The event run well, enjoyable and yet beneficial for all the participants. Beside the valuable content, Waruna also provide the souvenir for all attendances and Marlin Test voucher to the active audiences who give their views and questions to Mr. Raj.

We were absolutely sure that this event not only beneficial for the participants, but also for the collaboration between Warun and BP3IP in the next future.  Hope this collaboration would bring wider impact to the society and stakeholders.


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