April 2019 Post (I)

Posted by on May 9, 2019

Waruna celebrated 29th anniversary in Holiday Inn Kemayoran on 16th April 2019. This celebration was held not only to entertain all employees for their loyal contribution but also to share the management message of change. The maturity of organizaition also requires the system and people inside to be in a better shape. Implementing ISOCA (Integrity, Safety, Ownership, Continuous Improvement and Accountability), as a fundamental value of Waruna, is major formula need to be implemented in our daily life not only in working life. With implementing this, we are being part of the Change, willing to take the Challenge and able to Strive for Excellence. This aim of change is to be ‘Waruna Untuk Indonesia’ in our 29 years contribution.

All attendees, which called as Waruna Warrior, used the white attire. White represents honesty which we promote as Integrity. We promote Integrity as fundamental changes. The message is to convey that this ‘Change’ requires the Warriors to beat the battle. The battle is to implement Integrity as fundamental value. Hence, we called this attribute as Warrior in White.

Though this celebration went solemn and full of messages, the nuance was still impressed light and joyful. We invited our facilitator of change, Bapak Agung Waluyo, to spread the message of being Effective Executive, especially in promoting accoutability in everything we do, identifying the goal to be targeted and motivating to continually improve as person and employee.

We were not only having the opportunity to meet up with shore-based Waruna Warriors, but also entertained by our Singer talent representing each Division.

Prior to the celebration day, several activities to enliven the anniversary celebration has been held in the form of competitions, such as uniform design and ISOCA video themed competitions.
The winners were announced at the celebration event. It turned out that many talents and creativity were hidden among the Waruna Warriors emerge. The audiences were so amazed yet entertained with the talent performances shown on several videos taking part in the competition.

Near the end of the event a door prize draw was held for the Waruna Warriors who were present and fortunate enough to get the door prize. All of the winners were so happy hearing their names being called.

The festive and meaningful anniversary celebration was closed with all the attendees taking photo together, representing spirit of familyhood, togetherness and strength to achieve the excellence of each part of our work. Finally, the Waruna Warriors came home with happy faces, after attending such entertaining event yet at the same time being fully understood about the key message conveyed in this 29th anniversary; to be a part “Waruna Untuk Indonesia”


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