Safety is our priority, commit to operate our vessel based on regulation, and commit to serve our customers with high standard quality. Waruna Vessels are strongly supported by ISM Code in daily operation. Some of our Tanker vessel has listed on TMSA (Tanker Management Self Assessment) and has been legalized by OCIMF as credible partner for oil and gas business.

Yes, we open with internship based on our needs.

The logo represents dynamics wave, which means energetic and adaptable with changeable situation. The purple colour shows our wisdom in delivering service.

Waruna opens for any corporate or individual for chartering our vessel. Please contact Marketing/Business Development Division at Perkantoran Plaza Pasifik Blok B2 No.29-35 Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara or to our phone hunting 021-4585441 or email to wns@waruna-group.com.

Waruna vessels operate in nationwide and overseas.

Waruna has served customers since 1990, starting with shipyard business. And enlarged its business scope as ship owner and operating company since 1995.

Waruna operates the business in Shipyard and Shipping Industry. The Shipyard serves for Ship Repair and Ship Building. The Shipping business serves for variety of cargo especially Petroleum with Tanker, Harbor Tug, Tug & Barge and Bulk Carrier for cement and coal.

Waruna have more than 6 docks to serve some customers at the same time.

Some variety of our vessels are Tanker (Long Range, Medium Range, General Purpose), Tug Boat, Tug & Barge, and Bulk Carrier.


Our Commercial team would assist you to provide any required information