July 2019 Post

Posted by on August 19, 2019

‘Silaturahmi Lebaran’ became the theme of coffee morning in July 2019. Waruna held gathering post Ramadhan’s month and invited Bapak Ridwan Mukri as Speaker. This event was awaited by employees to meet, shake hand, embrace, forgive each other.

At first session, Bapak Darwo Lim (owner of Waruna Group) delivered speech and reminded the employees regarding the impotence of the top value of Waruna Corporate. It is Integrity. As fundamental value in life and business, he reminded all employees to be the champion of this value. Without Integrity, we would never sustain and develop well as professional.

However, to support Management message, Bapak Ridwan Mukri also explained how people need the Integrity to make him live as fitrah. Prophet Muhammad examplified in His character which consists of FAST (Fathanah, Amanah, Siddiq and Tabligh). Fathanah is smart. To be Fathanah, we need to be knowledgable, detail, eager to learn fast in anticipating dispute and discordance. Amanah is reliable. Reliable in delivering the best solution and give the benefit to all parties in the business is the example of Amanah. Siddiq is valid in terms of words and deeds. Siddiq could be similar with Integrity. Tabligh is communicate all the message in proper manner. Communication is one the best solution in solving problem.  Those all characters should be fully adopted by people to become a good and useful human being in life. Pak Ridwan closed the sharing with praying together.

This moment created fruitfull meaning to all the attedance. Hopefully each person found enlightment after attending this event.

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