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1990 - 1994

We started the Shipyard business in 1990. In the early year, the shipyard was known for its ship repairing. It eventually grew into ship building service for many companies. After several years, to cope with customer’s needs, Waruna developed its business into shipping service.


1995 - 1996

Starting with the ownership of Harbour Tug in 1995 then expanded to Tanker shortly thereafter. Waruna was starting to serve customer with first small Tanker in 1996.


1997 - 2008

The first with the capacity up to 7,000 DWT followed by dock 2 (two) and 3 (three) were launched in 1998. A larger dock were then added four years later in 2002. The dock facility was enlarged futher and the fifth to the sixth dry docks were constructed and completed in 2008 to serve the customer's needs. The upcoming drydock that can accommodate up to 120,000 DWT will be launched soon.


2009 - 2015

Waruna developed the shipping and shipyard into group of companies. In 2009, the first big Tanker started to operate and become the main focus of Waruna Group business. After 2010, the shipping business penetrate to Tug and Barge service, also to Bulk Carrier in 2015. While the improvement of shipyard service grew rapidly and granted for ISO 9001 2008 in 2015.


2016 - Now

Along with the business growth and competitive market, Waruna is transforming and continuously evolving to adapt with the business and regulation requirements. We strive to reform into good corporate governance, improve our internal process, develop our people, regenerate our vessels and innovate our service through listed as TMSA (Tanker Management Self Assessment) member in OCIMF and HSSE program.

  • 1990
  • 1995
  • 1997
  • 2009
  • 2016

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