Human Capital


We are very aware that Human is a valuable capital for our company. Waruna develops consistently and grows to be the leader in the industry. Our People Management Team synergies and collaborates with all Divisions in delivering the best program required by the business and individual which bring good impact to stakeholders. Engagement is the other way to retain the productivity remaining high. We believe that there are many ways to make people feel valued and engaged. These range from a personal letter from Management or a special mention in a meeting, to a promotion or salary increment. There are also regular fun programs to cast out employees’ burnt out and enhance employee bonding.


Developing people is one the crucial activities in HR Department. We believe that people development would correspond mutually with the business growth. Our Performance Management System takes serious part in our organization. We maintain our people performance through some development program, such as Training, Coaching, Counseling and some challenging projects or assignments.